Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide you with information on how your personal information is collected, stored and distributed.


Personal information may include: Names, date of birth, phone number, Unique Student Identifier, address and credit card information.


Employment Training Solutions may require personal information and proof of identification to manage the following aspects of the business:-

  • Bookings
  • Assessment Validation
  • Accepting payment for services

We do not share your personal information with government agencies other than in the event of an unlawful act or threats to health and safety of staff and/or other students.


The only information that will be shared with ETS partners is one that you consent to as part of undertaking a training course with us. The information that is collected and sent to a partner may include but is not limited to:-

  • Enrolment form with your completed contact details
  • Copy of identification
  • Copy of a Medicare card or other nationally issued cards



Information other thank your name, phone number and e-mail address is not stored in our records, electronically or physically. This information is only accessed by employees trained in maintaining confidentiality and the privacy of your information. Information shared with a partner is conducted over a secured e-mail server or through registered mail.


Any electronically stored data is protected by a regularly maintained, updated and tested security system to safeguard ourselves against any external threats.


Any highly sensitive information such as your credit card details are not stored online anywhere or anytime. Once your payment has been processed your credit card details will be destroyed immediately.



This policy was developed in conjunction with the Privacy Act 1988. Any questions can be directed to:-


Training Manager

[email protected]





Po Box 28