Verification Of Competency

Employment Training Solutions’ assessors have been assisting businesses and workplaces with Verification Of Competencies (VOC) all across Western Australia since we started training in 2010. With the benefit of our assessors being based across the Pilbara, Midwest and Central Wheatbelt we are able to cater to all job requests without mobilisation from Perth. Our high quality delivery standards, reliability and flexibility have resulted in our portfolio of clients consisting of the major leading companies in the mining industry plus many more.


Having a staff member undergo a verification of competency is not only something that should be in every business risk management strategy but it is also a duty of care to the operator and any other persons working around the operator. The process will not only ensure that the person can operate the machine properly but also identify any areas for improvement that may lead to increased workplace safety and production efficiency.


Employment Training Solutions can assist with the following Verification of Competency :-


  • Earthmoving Equipment / People Movers
    • Skid Steer Loaders
    • Telescopic Material Handlers
    • Wheel Loaders
    • Graders
    • Water Carts
    • Haul Trucks
    • Four Wheel Drive Vehicles
    • Buses and Tip Trucks
    • Heavy Rigid and Multi-Combination Trucks
  • High Risk Equipment
    • Cranes
      • Slewing Cranes – C1, C2, C6, CO
      • Non-slewing Mobile Cranes – CN
      • Vehicle Loading Cranes – CV

        Machinery Training

    • Forklift – LF/LO
    • Elevated Work Platform – WP
    • Rigging
      • Basic – RB
      • Intermediate – RI
      • Advanced – RA
    • Scaffolding
      • Basic – SB
      • Intermediate – SI
      • Advanced – SA
    • Dogging – DG

Our trainers are workplace assessors and nationally accredited. A Verification of Competency can be carried out in Newman, Tom Price, Exmouth, Port Hedland,  or at your site.


Contact us [email protected] to request a tailored quote for your personnel’s VOC requirements!