HR Training

Employment Training Solutions have been providing HR training training out of Newman, Tom Price, Exmouth and Port Hedland since 2010. We aim to service each town on a monthly basis, providing options for both unrestricted and restricted licenses.


A heavy-rigid vehicle is a motor vehicle with 3 or more axles and a gross vehicle mass greater than 8 tonnes.

HR Truck





Having a HR License is a very common pre-requisite for a lot of mining jobs with BHP, Rio Tinto, Roy Hill etc in the region.




Before you start your HR training you need to know that there are three types of HR classes:-



HR Auto – Allows you to drive Automatic trucks ONLY

HR Restricted – Allows you to drive syncromesh and automatic gearboxes

HR Unrestricted – Allows you to not only drive syncromesh and automatic gearboxes but also Crashboxes/Road Ranger gearboxes



HR Restricted

This HR training is completed in our Volvo NJ12 with a 14-speed syncromesh gearbox. We recommend 4-5 hours of training for inexperienced clients before the practical assessment which is carried out by the Department of Transport.


HR Unrestricted

If you are going for a HR Unrestricted license you will need to do your training and practical assessment in our Freightliner FL80 that features a 9-speed fuller eaton (crashbox). This truck usually requires 7-8 hours of training before an assessment for inexperienced clients. If you are looking at upgrading from a restricted license we would suggest 4 hours of training to allow for sufficient time to familiarise yourself with the truck and the gearbox.


HR Automatic

Clients after an automatic HR license will need to contact us for more information.



All our HR training & assessments are priced at $220 per hour.

We ask that payment is received in full by the time of assessment either by direct deposit, cash or EFTpos.


Onsite Training

Does your crew need to get their HR Licenses but your finding it hard to release them from site for training? We can come to you! Employment Training Solutions have assisted clients at mining sites such as Roy Hill, Mining Area C and quarries throughout the Pilbara region. This will mean that your crew only need to travel into town for their assessment days.


I’m in – What do I do now?

The first thing you need to do is contact us to find out when we will be in your city next! The next step is for you to get a learners permit from the Department of Transport.

You can obtain this at your local licensinghappy HR department for a fee of approximately $70. More information can be found here should you want to have a further read!


Once you have obtained your learners permit, you need to fill out our HR ENROLMENT FORM.



Until we receive a copy of your learners permit we cannot guarantee you a practical assessment.


When we have secured your assessment our training coordinator will contact you to book in your restricted or unrestricted HR training.